Sunday, September 16, 2007

I recently bought some of Michelle Ward's stamps from Green Pepper Press. She also has a blog called the GPP Street Team. Each month she posts a crusade - a creativity prompt and invites people to join in. I thought I would join in.
This month's crusade is Crush on You. What do you have a crush on, what are you obsessed by or infatuated with? Here are my crushes:

My husband and soulmate, Ken. He's my best friend and a great guitarist. I don't think I could live without him. We celebrate our 10th anniversary on the 29th of November 2007.

Our son Troy. He's nearly 14 and he's growing up so fast. He frustrates me at times but he also makes me proud.

Bella - our baby - she's just 9 months old and we all love her. She's a Papillon Jack Russell cross. Who could help but fall in love with her.

Ravens! Yes that's right ravens. I love ravens, they are the most beautiful and intelligent bird. I never paid them much attention until our son Brendan died (his name in gaelic means raven) then I started to notice them all the time. I feel comforted whenever they are near. Which is why Michelle's stamps are so great I can now include them in my art. So many people think of ravens/crows as bad omens, but to me they are beautiful majestic creatures. These ATC's were created using Michelle's stamps.


HSArtgirl said...

Great Megan! I agree, my #1 crush is my dh and my kiddos. Those are great ATC's, love'em. I look forward to reading your blog more, and checking out your artwork.

michelle ward said...

megan - didn't know you had a blog! so happy to have you join in the crusade so i could come over here and learn more about you. what a touching thing - to find out one of the reasons behind your love of ravens. love that you can use them in your art and it is like your son is always near. so sorry to hear of your loss. and, thanks for playing.

Alison G said...

How gorgeous is that puppy? We had Jack Russells when I was a chold but I have never seen that particular cross before.

Your post was very moving and I am grateful that you have such a wonderful husband and son to get you through. That's all that matters really isn't it? Those you love.

barone said...

The raven always catches my attention in the sky. He, more than any other bird, reminds me to ask myself what message he may be carrying for me. You awoke me to the fact that the raven carries more than the messages of change, but messages of love.
Be well. Jodi

Dieverdog said...

I love ravens, too, couldn't tell you why, maybe the magic and mystery they represent... they are neat birds.

Stephanie said...

Wonderful to have an omen, that reminds you of your dear one...that flies in and out of your memories.