Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Creativity Coaching
I am on Eric Maisel's Creativity Newsletter email list - it has had some great stuff on it recently, including his podcasts - The Joy of Living Creatively & Your Purpose Centred Life. In a recent email that I received he was asking for clients to participate in his Creativity Coaching Training. He is training a new group of coaches and by signing up, if you are selected you get 16 weeks of free creativity coaching.
I sent off my email to be included on the list and I was selected! I've started working with my creativity coach this week - I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I was surfing and came across Becky New's blog - Bexarts Blog she's hooked on zentangles - have you heard of them? - I hadn't. I checked out their website Zentangle and I can see how she got hooked. Here are some that I have created.

Not content with what I had achieved, I thought I would put my own spin on the idea and tried my hand at a mandala - using the same techniques.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

This month's crusade is - Imaginary Friends - Who or What is your Muse?

I could probably blog about this all day - there are numerous things and people that I would regard as my muse - but here are just a few.

My husband and my son - they provide inspiration for all that I do.

My angel's - Brendan, Cianan, Kavyn & Alex - they are always around me watching over me in all that I do and are a constant source of inspiration.

Nick Bantock - His Art and Books are just amazing and he is a lovely man in person - yes I have met him!

Books - I love books and reading, I can have several on the go at once and know exactly where I am at in each book. Having just moved into our new house we don't have enough shelving and all my books are in boxes. You can escape into another world and immerse yourself in other cultures.

Ravens - I love ravens - Brendan's name in Gaelic means "Little Raven" - since his death I have been more attuned to them and see them wherever I go. Whenever I see them I know that all will be well. I use them in my art and in my writing. Michelle's raven stamps have provided me with a new creative outlet.

Heather Blakey and Soul Food Cafe - a wonderful resource and inspiration for all creatives. Heather nourished my muse when all else seemed lost.

Mandala's - I have long held a fascination for mandala's and labyrinths. I have been lucky enough to see the creation of a Tibetan Sand Mandala - see the post below. I have created hand drawn mandalas and digital mandala's.

The Healing Buddha Mandala

After only being in Esperance for two weeks and in our new home for only 4 days I had to fly back to work for two weeks work. While I was in a new age store I picked up a mandala postcard to find that a Tibetan Lama and his monks were in Perth creating a sand mandala. One of my appointments was cancelled so I used the oppurtunity to go and view the creation of the mandala.

I spent about an hour just watching the monks at work. They had laid scarves down on the floor and we were not allowed to cross these, one of the monks gave me permission to cross and take closer photo's, as long as I took a photo of him at his work.

Tashi Namgyal

on the left: Jampa Sangpo, on the right: Tashi Namgyal, at the back: Tenzin Palden

The mandala was some way off being completed when I viewed it, but the Stillpoint Centre was taking many photos of it and upon its completion. When I get the newsletter I will post a photo of the completed mandala.

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