Monday, June 24, 2002

Stop to Smell the Roses
I went oustside, a number of the rose bushes are in bloom at the moment. They are beautiful and fragrant. I bent to smell the roses.
While I was inhaling their fragrance, I thought how often we are so preoccupied with trivial matters in our lives that we do not focus on what really is important. Our families, the people we love and the things we do to nurture ourselves and our creativity.

I am guilty of this myself, I have said many times that there are more important things in life than money and quibbles about insignificant matters. After the deaths of my sons. I have come to believe that life is too short for trivial pursuits. I try to make the most of every day and make sure that I tell the people I love, that I love them, everyday.

Take time to appreciate the small things in life and stop to smell the roses.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

For me writing is beneficial, it helps me to remember my boys, but also to heal the pain of the losses. You don't have to be able to write brilliantly or grammatically correct to express yourself. It is much about the process as it is about the end product. Whether it is something to share or something that is kept private and close to the heart, it is all important. It helps to release the feelings of pain and grief that will continue to build inside. These thoughts must be released and ho better than writing. Whether you choose to keep a journal of your experiences, write letters to the loved ones you have lost, stories or poetry.

I have chosen to share my story in the hope of helping others cope with their experience of loss. I don't profess to know all the answers. I sometimes wish I did, then perhaps I wouldn't be in this situation. All I can say is take heart - you are not alone.