Wednesday, November 07, 2007

This month's crusade is - Imaginary Friends - Who or What is your Muse?

I could probably blog about this all day - there are numerous things and people that I would regard as my muse - but here are just a few.

My husband and my son - they provide inspiration for all that I do.

My angel's - Brendan, Cianan, Kavyn & Alex - they are always around me watching over me in all that I do and are a constant source of inspiration.

Nick Bantock - His Art and Books are just amazing and he is a lovely man in person - yes I have met him!

Books - I love books and reading, I can have several on the go at once and know exactly where I am at in each book. Having just moved into our new house we don't have enough shelving and all my books are in boxes. You can escape into another world and immerse yourself in other cultures.

Ravens - I love ravens - Brendan's name in Gaelic means "Little Raven" - since his death I have been more attuned to them and see them wherever I go. Whenever I see them I know that all will be well. I use them in my art and in my writing. Michelle's raven stamps have provided me with a new creative outlet.

Heather Blakey and Soul Food Cafe - a wonderful resource and inspiration for all creatives. Heather nourished my muse when all else seemed lost.

Mandala's - I have long held a fascination for mandala's and labyrinths. I have been lucky enough to see the creation of a Tibetan Sand Mandala - see the post below. I have created hand drawn mandalas and digital mandala's.


michelle ward said...

Megan - thanks for sharing your Muses with the team. It gives us a closer peek at who you are - and they are all terrific choices, particularly your angel boys. Love books and of course Ravens too :)

Jo Anne Owens said...

Thanks for sharing your muses with us Megan! I can especially relate to Nick Bantock! LOVE his art and his books...but never have met him, you lucky person! That must have been a thrill!

MezzoKat said...

How neat that you met Nick Bantock!Ravens, yesss! Here in Qu├ębec City, they're ever present (evermore! Sorry, couldn't resist).
I love the sun creation, with, of course, revens flying on high.

Dieverdog said...

What a great list of muses... I put books down as one of mine (and Nick Bantock is one of my examples, even!) I like the ravens, too, though they can be very noisy!

Barone said...

Gorgeous sharing...I love mandalas too; that would be an interesting blogland group activity, wouldn't it? Your comment on the raven reminded me of a short story I wrote a while back and forgot. You have inspired me to find it amidst the crazy rubble of my creativity. Thank you! jodi barone

Lila said...

Randomly came across this site while searching for raven mandala images. Wanted to say that I love the sun art piece. Great work.