Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's Crusade Time Again!

For this month's crusade, Michelle is encouraging us to journal our blog. Taking one (or more) of our blog posts and journaling about them - creating evidence. (I don't know where she keeps coming up with these ideas - amazing!) Belinda Schneider showed her journal spread in her GPP Crusade Journal - Now there was an idea that I could use.

So here we are, I've created a GPP Street Team Crusade Journal - All Crusade blog posts are to be recorded HERE.

I'm starting now but I'll go back and journal all of the crusades that I've participated in.

Thanks for the great ideas guys!


michelle ward said...

Megan, so cool to learn you are starting a Crusade journal. LOVE THAT! I wish we could see the close-up on this but I can tell you have enjoyed adding paint and your own writing. And black pages! Aren't they just the best to start on? Makes facing the blank page much less intimidating. Thanks for sharing your journal and your enthusiasm with the Team.

kathy said...

Great post... wish I could see your journal page up close and personal... not to read it per se, just to see the artwork better! It's compelling even from far away... thanks for sharing!

Chris said...

I love the texture of these pages. I have never started working on black pages, but that is the surface I have laid out on my studio table, so this is good inspiration!

Jodi Barone said...

I also loved the idea from Belinda to have a gpp journal. Your journal pages are fantastic. I am happy to have had the oppurtunity to see your blog and your work.

PocketSize said...

So cool! Great idea to journal your Crusade entries :) I like your page, but it would be great to see it up close!

Loudlife said...

What a great idea! And this is gorgeous!