Wednesday, October 02, 2002

The roses are full of new growth and are just starting to bloom. The harsh pruning that we gave them some months ago did not do them any harm. It made me think that perhaps we are like the roses that need to be pruned each winter. That these difficult times that we have had to endure are sent to make us stronger and help us to flourish. Believing this does not make it any easier to go through it at the time, but given time you can see the progress that is being made.

I have been blessed to have wonderful support people, my family, my friends and people who come into my life almost by accident. It is not by accident, they are sent because I need their support and encouragement. I am thankful for that.

I am gearing up for my 30th birthday next week, a milestone of sorts. I have a lot to show for my thirty years in this world. I still have much to achieve and accomplish. I feel that I am a rosebud, only beginning its time, just getting ready to bloom. Let us see if this rose will flourish.

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